Announcing the new Studio H Canada Art Residency program

I am thrilled to announce that the new Studio H Canada Artist Residency program is now open and ready for applications. You can find all the details on the new Art Residency page here.

The ultimate equation for creativity

Inspiration = Time  X  Space + Environment

Create, plan, think, exhibit, and collaborate.

This is the place.

All art forms and media welcome.

We could only come up with a few things people have been doing here – you can help make the list grow:

  1. Art jams
  2. Blogging
  3. Book binding
  4. Button workshops
  5. Clay
  6. Commune with the deer
  7. Cooking
  8. Display
  9. Draw
  10. Easting
  11. Exhibit
  12. Experiment
  13. Film
  14. Forest Bathing
  15. Gardening
  16. Graphic Design
  17. Hand Priting
  18. Hiking and Walking
  19. Hot Tubs
  20. Imagine
  21. Installation
  22. Invent
  23. Journaling
  24. Leather
  25. Listen to owls
  26. Magic
  27. Meditation
  28. Music
  29. Paint
  30. Perform
  31. Photography
  32. Planning
  33. Printing
  34. Reading
  35. Rune Reading
  36. Saunas
  37. Sculpture
  38. Sewing
  39. Singing
  40. Sleep
  41. Soap making
  42. Story telling
  43. Talking
  44. Test
  45. Textiles
  46. Theorize
  47. Video
  48. Wander
  49. Watch the eagles and vultures soaring
  50. Weaving
  51. Wonder
  52. Workshops
  53. Writing

These are just a few of our favourite things. Check out the Art Residency page for all the details and to apply today.


Your feedback is welcome!

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